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Instructions on how to set up your website follows below. You would need to have your own domain name.

After subscription Payment is complete:

1) Buy your own Domain name for your website.

2) Login to your account on

3) Go to My Profile> Subscriptions> Click on the active subscription name ( )

4) You will be redirected to Edit Subscription page. Fill in the fields as follow:

- Domain * - your website domain name (, you should own this domain name)

- Email * - this will be the site Admin email, for instance or support@.. or codes@...

*** Attention you can fill in these only once, they cannot be edited so beware typos and mistakes!

5) Go to your domain name registrar:

- point your domain name A or @ record to the server IP address -, then create A record for www and point it to . If you don't know how to do that ask your domain name registrar support staff to help or message us with your login URL, user and pass so we do that for you.

6) Check back in 1 hour if your domain name opens a page. It takes time for the changes to propagate across the net, it can take up to 48 hours so be patient.

7) You can now login to your site admin panel and email on: - use your username and password to login. - you will receive an email with your password, login with the email you chose and this password.

If you need help with anything contact us.

Settings>General settings - here you should set the following details: 

Site Name - Your Company name, Trade mark or just site name

Site Logo - upload your site logo from your computer, transparent .png format with 170x70 px will look best. Actual size and look is up to you.

Footer Text - If you want to add content to your footer you can use the HTML editor or just put a Plain text. Footer will appear in the bottom of all site pages.

Site Timezone - set your time zone. This is important so that all of the system events as time stamp on your Orders, Invoices, Statements are done with your local time.

New Users - here you can set whenever a new user registers what Price group he is in. Default Group is the only one you have initially if you want to set other Price group check Users section in the Knowledge base. 

Site Default Currency - Prices for all your services will be in this currency. Main currency is taken from you UnlockCore account. All your pricing in different currenies shown on the website is calculated according to the main currcny and the current exchange rate shown in the Currencies page.

Site Description - this a SEO function, describe what your site does the way you think people will be searching for it

Site Keywords - SEO function, set the keywords people will use when searching for similar products/services that you offer

Site Email - set the email address you would like to receive site inquiries from the Contact us page

Minimum top up amount -  the minimum top up amount your wholesale users will be able to add

Settings>Client arert - client alert will appear when your site users login to their account. You can put important updates, promotions or other information. It supports HTML.

Once you are done with pointing the domain name to our server IP, login to your admin panel at

and then follow the instruction below:

1) In Settings>General settings set the required details - Site name and Logo, your Site email - the email that you want to receive the Contact us form inquiries to, minimum top up amount your wholesale users will be able to add.

2) Go to Settings>Currencies and activate the currencies you want to have on your site by the tick on the right. Press the Save button.

3) Go to Settings>E-mail settings - set you signature and sender name

4) Go to Settings>Invoice data - and fill in the your company details if applicable

5) Go to Settings>Payments Gateways>Paypal and fill in your Paypal email in the Paypal Username field. This will enable automated Paypal payments on your site. Fill in the tax % you want to charge on top of the credit your customers will buy, click Active and then Save.

6) Go to Services>Services  and carefully check pricing, edit accordingly if needed and for the services you want to be shown on the site Home page set Yes in each service settings.

7) Go to Settings>Maintenance mode and disable it. Click Live Site in the top right corner and check if your website looks ok.

If you need help with anything contact us.

Settings>Currencies - here you can activate the currencies you want to have on your site by activating the tick on the right and then Save. You can have rates updated automatically by  clicking the tick Update my exchange rates automatically once every 24 hours. Or can set custom rates by deactivation that tick.

Settings>E-mail settings

E-mail Signature - set your system email signature, example


your site name

From E-mail - this field is locked to the email address you chose when initially set up subscription details. It can't be changed and all system mails like Unlock Code, rejections, Invoices, etc. will be sent by it.

From Name - set sender name for the system mail




Settings>E-mail templates - here are all the email templates your site uses on different occasions like user registration, order replying, etc.

Each template contains the following attributes:

Name - its name in the system, customers don't see this name it is only for your info

From Name - this is the sender name you set in Settings>E-mail settings, it can't be changed from here

From E-mail - this is the email you set in the subscription details, it can't be changed

Copy To - here you can put your email to receive CC from all system events, this way you can easily monitor different activities as user registration, codes replying, etc.

Subject - you can change it as you wish

Message - here you have preset all the text and variables your system uses, you can edit these as you wish. List with variables is available in the Template variables pop up. We do not recommend editing this unless you have some coding background.

Settings>Invoice data

Here you should set your company deatils so they appear as a contragent on the Invoice when your customers fund their account. You can leave blamk, it will not affect your system functionality

Settings>Maintenance mode

When Maintenance mode is enabled, the front end of the website is not available and your customers won't be able to login or place orders. Also all connected services via API will stop placing and replying orders. You can set customer message for your customers, message can be HTML. 

Settings>Payment gateways

System has 3 slot for payement gateways - Paypal and 2 offline gateways.

Paypal - when set and activated it enables your customers to add funds automatically to their accounts. You need fill in your Paypal email and trasnaction tax % which to be calculated on top of the amount customers want to add.

The other 2 offline gateways are to be used to Western Union, Bank Transfer, Money gram etc payment methods. You should fill in detaiuls of the recipient and whenever customer send funds to add them manually upon receiving them.


This will enable site admin to login only from a spcific IP address, addresses or IP range. Each IP adress must be on a new line. You can add IP range in format:

Settings>Social Networking

Specify the address of your Facebook page, Twitter account, Skype user etc. and press Update

Settings>IP Manager

In the IP manager tab you can blacklist IP addresses or range which you don't want to be able to access the site. Later on you can remove or edit these.

Blacklisted emails tab allows you to block certain email address of known cheaters or persons that are not allowed to access the site. UnlockCore maintain a huge database of well known GSM business cheaters which you can add to your own blacklisted emails and later on to synchronize. This database is updated on regular basis, it is  a good idea to sync once a month to add the new entries from the cloud.

Settings>Mass mail

Your site has a preintegrated professional SMTP marketing tool which allows to send manual and automatic service and price updates to your customers without the risk of being blacklisted for Spam or Abuse. 

Send mail - you need to write your custom message in the text editor and to specify if you want to send to all users ot only to a specific group. We strongly recommend using the Services Updates Mass Mail template which gives the option for your customers to Unsubscribe - load it from the Template drop down menu, Fill in the subject, and then edit the text field. Just leave the Unsubscribe variable in the end.

Send services updates - system tracks automatically newly added unlocking services and also price changes of your exisiting services. You can manually send updates to specific group of customers or can add them to tlist of user groups which to be emailed automatically whenever something changes.

Price for 1000 emails is $0.25, number of recipients is rounded to 1000. Example - if you want to send mass mail to 6345 users, you will be charged 7x0.25=$1.75. System automatically calculates distribution price prior for you to send the email. In order to be able to send Mass Mail you would need to have enough balance with UnlockCore.



Settings>Data Migration

UnlockCore allows you to do a DHRU database import - free database import so you easily migrate your unlocking site to us the way it is, without losing your clients and order history.

Export from your DHRU system (phpmyadmin) the following tables:
1) tblUsers : contains User information

2) tbl_discount_imei : contains User discounts information

3) tbl_client_group : contains User Groups information

4) tbl_client_group_price : contains Group discounts information

5) tbl_services_imei : contains Services information

6) tbl_order_imei : contains Orders information

7) tbl_imei_group : contains Service Groups information

8) tbl_invoices : contains Invoices information

9) tbl_invoiceitems : contains Invoice items information

10) tbl_statement_user : contains Statements information

Export those 10 table into one big SQL file and save it on your computer. Then go to Settings>Data Migration press DB Dump button, browse and import it. If some of the tables is missing, the import will not be successful. Approximate time for database import from the uploaded SQL file is 30 minutes (depends on the server load and your db size). If you need additional assistance, contact us via the contact us page.

We recommend if you have no previous experience with database migration and backups to just message us and we will help!

Settings>Login Log

Keeps all your admins and users login events. Search by date, username or ID available.

Users>Manage users

Full list with site users, you can filter by username, email, group and status. You can also add, delete and edit user.

To enter customers profile click on his username.

Overview tab - shows user's credentilas, Available balance and top 10 used service. You can Login as client from this screen.

Financial tab - add or rebate funds

Profile tab - all client's details. You can change password, change customer's price group, set if to receive or not Mass Mails from Receive email notifications options.

API tab - activate or deactivate API access. Site binds to the IP address the first time sync is made and from there on API connections are allowed only from that IP. You can add additional IP address manually if needed.

Bind Login - restrict client's login to only the spcified in the field IPs or range

Services & pricing - pricing displayed here is in Site Main currency no matter your customer main currency. The price he sees in the front end is calculated based on teh Main site currency and the exchange rate in the Settings>Currency section. You can deactivate service by deactivating the tick on the left. To set custom price input the custom price in the editable filed in the Main site currency and then click update.

Invoices tab - list with all the Invoices, if an Invoice is Unpaid and you set it as Paid the respective funds will be added to client's account.

Statements - all Credit and Debit balance changes related to the particular customer


Users>User Groups

Initially you will have only Default user group. To make a group with custom pricing click Create New Group, name it and press Save.

To edit Pricing of a particular group go back to Groups list and press the dollar sign for that group. Enter the custom values for the service you wish and then press Update.

You can Add/Remove a client to a price group in his Profile>Client group settings.

To change to what group newly registered user should be added go to Settings>General settings>New Users Default Group settings.


There are 2 admin roles - full and partial. Pratial can do everything but to add funds and access admin profiles, it is good for support staff.

Services>API settings

By default when created your site has Active API connection with UnlockCore and all its services are connected to UnlockCore. You can edit these settings and connect to any supplier via API. To connect to supplier's site via API you need to have:

1) Your supplier actiovating your API access and an API key

2) Go to Services>API settings click on an Inactive slot and enter your details - API name, API key, your username on your supplier's site, API url. Click on Acttive and then Save changes.

3) Test connection and sync services -  beware the ticks, if clicked you can Import via the API all your suppliers to your site and also overwrite your existing ones. Beware as this cannot be undone

Service>Services groups

Add, delete or edit unlocking services groups. You can also add description or instructions on how to use the services in this group.


Complete list of unlocking services found on your site is here. By default when your site is generated all of them come with predefined pricing, description and image so you can start selling fast and easily. All services are connected via API to UnlockCore. You are free to change that and connect to any other API supplier on the market later on.You can add, delete or edit services.

To edit a service click on the service name.

Overview tab - basic settings to edit name, image, active/inactive status, pricing and service group. You have option to sell as Retail or not and to sell on the Home page or not. In the Advance settings you can assign eBay item numbers. For complete instructions on how to automate eBay selling check the Knowledge base>Direct (eBay) Orders section

Assign to tab - assign the supported Brands, Countries and Carriers to the service. This way your customers will be able to find easily appropriate service when searching on the Home page from the search widget.

API connection tab - choose supplier, service and then Save. We recommend resyncing the correspodning suppliers API from  Service>API services in advanace so it is up to date.

Discounted users - users that have applied discounts

Testimonials - appear in the retail service


In general your customers have 2 ways to buy unlocking services from you:

1) as a whosaler - they need to register and fund their account. Minimum credit purchase is required (set in Settings>General settings). Then they need to login and go to the Place order page. There services are listed with the wholesale price, every time order is placed its credit is deducted from the account balance.

2) Retails orders - customers that have just a few devices to unlock can order and pay at retail price from the Home Page. No minimum top up amount is required, every time they order they checkout via Paypal. Retail price is higher than the wholesale price, you can set both in the Service's details

Invocices>Manage Invoices

Complete list of Paid and Unpaid Invoices which can filtered by date, username and currency. If an Invocie is Unpaid and you set it as Paid you will add the corresponding balance to your customer's account. The Invoice itself contains data of the item bought be it credit or retail unlock service along with the Paypal transaction ID.


Statetments reflect all changes in users account balance. DR stands for debit and means account has been debited for an order/orders, where CR means credit which means account has been credited as order failed or funds were added via Paypal or offline payment gatewasy. You can filter the statements by type, date, order ID, username.

The whole CMS section description follows:

CMS>Home page slider

You can set banner to be shown on the Home Page. Images should be 1440px width and 520px height. To show it click the  Show on home page  tick.

CMS>Knowledge Base

Write FAQ on Instructions knowledge base. Process is quite straight forward.

CMS>Custom Pages

Create custom HTML pages here, process is straight forward.

CMS>Site Color Scheme

Different options for the site color scheme, the header and teh footer are listed here.

CMS>Advertisement Areas

HTML areas on your site to set ads or codes. You can use it for Google Adds or to display your own promos. These are shown on all the site pages.


Currently the following reports are available:

Top User by Income - provides reports of the top 10 users by income in all the active currencies on the site

Sales by Product - provides report on the order volume for all teh different services

Credit report - provides statistic on what credit amount your customers have spent and have left on the server. It is a good idea to keep financial buffer for the amount your customer have as Balance left.

We are working on adding more reporting tools. If you need a particular report added just message us.

Feature requests

We are continuosly working on developing new UnlockCore features. And will consider developing any feature that would improve our customers business. So if you want to request a feature development just send us a message on the contact us page and if it makes sense and other customers require it, we will develop it for free. Please make sure the feature is clearly described as otherwise we will just ignore the request.

We also offer custom features and webdesign development at additional cost - if your website needs some unique feature or you want custom design, we may do it for you at additional cost. Contact us with any inquiry and if doable we will quote time and price.

Bug reports

If you spot anything working not as supposed just drop us a message clearly describing the problem and we will inverstigate and resolve the issue.

Thank you for helping us improve our services!

Orders>New orders

By default all of your site services are connected via API to UnlockCore. If you want to start processing manually some of your service's orders go to the exact service>API connection and reset the connection. This way whenever a customer place order on this service it will appear in the New orders section and you would have to process it manually - Accept it, process with your supplier and when ready Reply it manually.

The new orders are sorted by service and are showing the exact number of orders on each service. On the top are the newest ones. All of these are waiting on admin to process manually or to connect the service on a supplier's API.

To process manually:

Click on the expand icon on the right and a full list of orders on the particular service will be shown. You can accept all orders, or just ones with a tick. Admin also can reject orders from here that ticked. To see the details of a praticular order just click on the edit icon on the right. When Accepted orders will no longer appear in the New orders, you can find them by the IMEI or Order ID or in the Order History section. You can manually reply order from the particular order details page, from the Reply orders or Bulk Reply Orders section (check the Knowledge base section on these to see how to reply bulk orders at once).


To connect a service on API to supplier:

Go to the particular service by either searching its name in the search field or in the Services section. Then go to the API connection tab choose supplier and supplliers service and press Save changes.


Orders>Delayed Orders

Each service has processing time. And each order has Order On time stamp. Whenever the processing time for this particluar order is exceeded it will start appearing in the Delayed orders section so you can contact your supplier and try to catch up.

Example: Order 1 is submitted on 1 st of April on Service 1 that has 1-3 days processing time. If Order 1 is not replied by 4 th it will strat appearing in the Delayed orders section. 

Orders>Reply orders

In this section are all the Accepted orders that are waiting on admins to reply codes. They are grouped by service showing total number of orders on each service, newest ones are on top. To reply the orders placed on a particular service just clicked the icon on the right, fill in the code for each order and click the tick on the left and then Reply selcted. To reject procedure is the same but admin needs to click the tick on right in addition 

Orders>Bulk Reply Orders

This feature is to reply multiple orders at once. Default separator is Space, so orders should be replied in the following format



353269070759661 Code
353329076112701 Code
355418072299873 Code

If you need to reply a response that require to use Space, you will need to use Custom separator. For example:

355688074819262_service restarted, please resubmit. Sorry for the trouble
355425071633978_service restarted, please resubmit. Sorry for the trouble
355427070046152_service restarted, please resubmit. Sorry for the trouble

where the custom separator is _

Orders>Orders History

Complete list with all orders that can be filtered by username, date range, service, status etc.

To reply a particular order click on the icon on the right.

UnlockCore based unlocking websites has eBay sales automation feature that is preintegrated for free, we don't charge additonally unlike other competitors platforms. The particular service must be connected via API to UnlockCore so to have this feature working When configured properly it will save you a lot of time and will significantly increase your business. If you sell unlocking services on eBay this feature is a must.

What does eBay automation do?

Let's say you want to sell Motorola unlock codes on eBay. You go there, open up an account and make a research which shows that Bell Canada Motorola unlock codes are quite popular with lots of sales. So you decide to start a listing. If you process your eBay orders manually you would need get the IMEIs from your eBay customers and process them by hand. When ready you would need to send them a message with a code and mark the order as shipped on eBay.

Instead you can use the eBay automation, as follows:

1) List your service on eBay (example Bell Canada Motorola unlock code) and get the ebay Item# (eBay item number:322509568855).

2) Make sure you receive your eBay payments on the same Paypal account your website does.

3) Now go to your Motorolola Unlock Code service on the site, make sure it is connected to UnlockCore via API and in Advanced settings field put the eBay item number:322509568855 and save it.

4) Then go to your Paypal and do this:

Profile>Profile settings>My selling tools>Instant Paypal Notifications and press Update

put the following IPN URL

And then edit text formatting by

Profile>Profile settings>My selling tools> PayPal button language encoding click  “More Options” button -> on the next screen choose “UTF-8” for both options and then Save


Now everytime when an eBay customers buy your Bell Canada Motorola unlock code with eBay item number:322509568855, he will receive a link on his Paypal email address. On click he will be redirected to special page on your site where to fill in his order IMEI. He will also get an account on your site, system will register him automatically and will send email with username (same as on eBay) and password. You can target eBay customer afterwads with promotions and new services. This will save you the time to manually ask and process your eBay customers' orders. Just describe the procedure properly in the eBay listing so they know how to act.

Here is an example what an eBay listing description should state so customers are aware of the procedure of order placement:

"How to place an order?

1) Click "Buy it Now" and complete the payment using Paypal

2) You will receive a link on your Paypal email to submit your phone's IMEI 

3) Please Double Check your IMEI, make sure it is Correct and submit it 

4) Check your Paypal address for further instructions. "

when ready their code will be sent back to their Paypal email.

Of course not all eBayers read the full description so some of them will not place their orders via the link. For these you would need to process their IMEIs as usual manually. Go to Pending direct orders and click on the Edit (pencil) button of the corresponding order>when on the Direct order page press Confirm order button. You will be redirected to a page where to place the IMEI.


System is now updated and also automatically sends the codes via eBay message and mark the order as shipped on eBay. To connect to the eBay API so to mark ordersas shipped and message automatically customers you need to do the following:

1) Create account on and get application keys

2) In your (page account use 'User Tokens' link to get your AuthToken from your eBay account.
3) Enter the keys (app Id, certId and Dev ID) set and the authToken on Admin Panel -> Settings -> eBay API Settings. You need to copy/paste the production IDs.


Direct (eBay) orders>Direct Order

Direct order can be placed with no registration, it is the easiest way to receive order from a customer that has already paid. Just Select the service, the quantity of the IMEIs he has to place and enter his email address.

The recipient will receive an email with a link, on click he will be redirected to your site and will be able to place exactly the number of IMEIs you have specified in advanace. He will also get an account on yoru website, system will register him automatically.

Direct (eBay) Orders>Pending Direct Orders

Here is the list with unused Direct or eBay orders. In other words if your system has sent link to your eBay customer to submit their IMEI but he has not done it for some reason you will have the order listed here as pending. This way you can message the guy to send you the IMEI so you process it manually for him. Once you process his IMEI yourself disable the link so customer doesn't duplicate the order by deleting it.

Direct (eBay) Orders>Used Direct Orders

Here is the list with all Used eBay or Direct orders - all the orders placed by your eBay customers successfully.

This feature is UnlockCore unique. It allows you to set a specific commission or discount (by % or set value) which to be applied automatically to your services pricing. This is extremely helpful as pricing changes quite often, in the long run setting automatic repricing could save significant amount of time and manual work. Services repricing works only for services that are connected to UnlockCore via API.

Example setup:

 - Go to (  Services>Services repricing)

- Add name (ex +5% commission),

- choose Type from the drop-down menu be it Commission or Discount

- choose the logic - percentage or value

- set a numeric value

- and finally logic for the roud up - cent, quarter, half, etc.

Press Add Pricing type to save the repricing model. Then go to a specific service (Services>Services) and choose the one you want to assign repricing logic to. 

On the Basic Settings screen of teh particular service choose 

- Automatic price setting - Yes

- then on the Wholsale price assign the made above repricing model from the Drop down menu


You can use this feature to set discounts for user groups.

UnlockCore is intended to work only on wholesale basis. Therefore UnlockCore accepts orders only via API - you need to have your own website, be it active subscription with us or your own site that can work via API.

There is no way to place orders with UnlockCore if you don't have online website, we work only on wholesale basis and we don't accept orders in any other way but orders submitted via API.